Our company was founded in 1992. For over twenty years we have been manufacturing lighting fixtures. We specialize in residential luminaires, and particularly in ceiling lamps and wall lamps and desk lamps. We have machinery in the field of metal machining, processing of thermoplastic plastics, forming wire and steel plates. In our production we use the automatic powder coating. The high degree of automation enables us to manufacture products at very attractive prices and large quantities. We work mainly with large retail chains such as Castorama, Mercury Market or Majster. Our design department with a tool-care for the constant development of our products which in turn allows for increasing expansion in both domestic and foreign markets.

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Temar Sp. z o.o. 39-300 Mielec, ul. Inwestorów 12 - Poland

tel. 17 583 25 47 fax 17 583 25 47 ex. 12

e-mail: robert@temar.mielec.pl